September 28, 2022

You, Menopause and the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he answered…. “Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or future; he lives as if he is never going to die; and then dies having never lived.”

Wow, wow, wow. Did this great mind get it, or what??

By now you understand that your energy, emotions and beliefs can keep you really healthy, or make you really sick. You also know that you really do have to address your issues with your Perimenopuase symptoms. They can and will wear you down if you choose to ignore them.

Being well requires diligence and change. If you resist the changes going on around you, or resist the change in yourself, personally, you will get sick.

The resistance alone can virtually cause illness because you are stuck, and this chronic emotional pattern can lead to a burdened immune system and thus, disease.

Change the areas of your life that are crying out for it. This includes diet, nutrition, emotional work and physical exercise.

Learn to feel your feelings, and then let them go. Try to look forward instead of back.

Move your body, walk it, stretch it, strengthen it. Your body really is the best friend you have. It truly “has your back”.

Look again at what you are eating. Don’t just put in your mouth; think about what is good for you, for your energy, for your well being.

Find ways to give, instead of take. Seriously, this is not about you, all of the time. Look at someone else, could you really walk in their shoes, and deal with what they are dealing with?? It’s called mankind for a reason.

Perform daily acts of kindness. My dad always said to do at least 3 good deeds a day. Hold open the door for someone at the Post Office; let a car merge into your lane in front of you. Tell a salesperson they have beautiful eyes. Be nice.

Change your thinking from negative to positive. Just by this simple change in attitude you will feel better. Remember, if you truly, truly want something good for you, and for you to share, the Universe will provide it if you ask.

Connect with the Great Spirit daily. With thanks, with a great positive attitude, knowing you are loved.

Breathe deeply, regularly. Those short, shallow, stress filled breaths wear on a body. Paulo Coelho in his book, Aleph, says “Inhale deeply and ask for all the blessings in the air to enter your body and fill every cell. Then exhale slowly, projecting happiness and peace around you.”

Learn to laugh again. The best laugh of all is usually towards yourself. My giggle comes from the back row of Zumba, when I am trying to pick up new dance steps, and end up going the opposite of everyone else in the line. (hehe).

Do something for yourself, with out guilt. Learn rewards that do not involve foods. Or maybe rewards that do involve food with very, very conscious dining, and appreciation for what is being served.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. People who really do think of themselves “as all that” usually end up being the butt of a joke anyway. It’s so much for enjoyable to be laughing at and with yourself.

Take time to enjoy the simple little things in your life. A study has shown if you learn to do this, and take the time to learn to spot these simple pleasures, when you experience them for the joy of what the are, it really, really does make you feel happier.

Stop, look around, and see the miracles and wonders surrounding you. Look and rejoice in their wonder.

Heal yourself with breathing and quiet time.

Meditation is a powerful tool in treating hormonal imbalance. Not only does it calm you mind, but it also calms your adrenal glands… which reduced the severity of menopausal symptoms, such as; anxiety, breast tenderness and hot flashes.

Sit quietly outside and take in the beauties of nature. Take in deep breaths. Focus in on one natural object, like a tree or flower.

Reflect on this object and take deep breaths, feel its energy. Try to reflect on this thing of beauty and relax. Breathe in
Breathe out Take the time you need to get your shoulders lowered down and out of your ears. Take the time you need to unclench your teeth and relax your body.

Find a quiet space. Sit or lie. Choose a calming word, sound or prayer. Repeat it out loud or silently. Close your eyes and start with your toes.

Relax the muscles in your toes, your feet, ankles, calves, thighs, abdomen, arms shoulders, head and neck.

Breathe slowly and naturally, saying your phrase or word as you exhale

When you think you are finished, sit there a minute longer and reflect on how you feel.

As your day goes by, and your shoulders are now back up in your ears, reflect back to that relaxed state. Calm down, relax everything again. Take some deep breaths, and then move forward into your next task.

It’s all about the journey. It’s all about living our life. Take the time for you today.