August 11, 2022

The Worthless Wife You’ve Created

We all want to be loved, don’t we? Every man and woman sets out to find love as early as their teen years. It’s inevitable! We all want to find love and be loved. We find someone special, get married, and things change!

Husbands, have you ever done these things?


  • Do you blame your wife when things go wrong?
  • Do you call your wife ugly names?
  • Have you told your wife she’s fat?
  • Do you think housework is beneath your dignity?
  • Do you sigh when your wife asks you to do something?
  • Do you immediately say no when your wife asks you to do something without taking any time to think about her question?
  • Do you roll your eyes when your wife asks you a question?
  • Do you stomp your feet in front of your wife because your angry?
  • Have you ever thrown anything in front of your wife and children?
  • Do you stare at other women when you’re out with your wife?
  • Do you question your wife where all the money goes?
  • Do you brush off your wife’s complaints about your relationship on her PMS?
  • Do you talk about beautiful women on TV in front of your wife?
  • Have you ever complained about her cooking?
  • Do you tell your wife she doesn’t do something as good as your mother did?
  • Have you ever told your wife she nags too much?
  • Have you ever told her she’s too sensitive?
  • Have you ever complained about not having anything to eat in your house?
  • Have you ever told her she’s a terrible mother?
  • Have you expressed to your wife that she could never do the type of work you do?
  • Ever told her she talks too much?
  • Ever told her she’s so silly in an irritated manner?
  • Have you ever blamed your wife because you missed your road while you were driving?
  • Have you ever gotten mad at your wife because she’s telling you the road you need to turn on is coming up?
  • Ever said “Are you really wearing that”?


Do you know what saying those things and doing those things does to your wife? You are making her feel she’s not good enough for you, you’re making her feel she’s not pretty enough, she’s not capable, she’s not smart, she’s not fun to be around, you’re saying to her that her opinion isn’t needed, her help isn’t appreciated, she’s annoying, you don’t want to be around her, she’s a bother to you. You’re saying you don’t care about her feelings; you don’t care if she’s happy or if she’s miserable, you’re saying you could care less about her!

Do you believe that if you give your wife what makes her happy, then you are weak?

I ask you seriously men, do you not realize what you have done to the women of this world? Do you not recognize the cruel and distasteful acts you’ve committed? Do you realize you have destroyed the very beauty that your wife once had?

Do you know that with each one of those statements and/or actions your nadine caridi hates herself more and more? Do you realize she gets farther and farther away from beautiful, the beautiful woman you fell in love with and married?

I believe that men, who disrespect, devalue, belittle, ridicule, and make fun of their wife, simply have not learned how to please their wife. It is this type of man who has not experienced the glow of a radiant wife, but would rather compete with her.

Now you may be the man reading this that is saying to yourself, I don’t treat my wife like that, I’ve never said those things to her, and I say good for you, and keep it up! My question to you is this “are you doing the things it does take to make your wife feel beautiful? Are you giving her what she needs to make her feel loved? I’ll tell you right now, supporting her financially and keeping the lawn mowed doesn’t make her feel loved. It is something she appreciates, I’m sure, but it’s not something that makes her feel loved and desired. It’s when you are able to recognize how to do this, will your marriage be fun and joyful for the both of you.

Let me ask you this…what’s the cost to your marriage if you keep saying and doing those things? Are you willing to change your thoughts and actions? Can you start focusing on the positive things your wife does and start complimenting her for them? What do you think will happen when you do?

I say it all the time, you can’t change your spouse’s actions, you must change your own!

I pray that you will forward this to every man you know. I pray that if you are a man and you do those things to your wife, that you will check your own heart and your own self-confidence. I pray that you will discover that your wife wants nothing more than to make you happy!