Tankini Swimwear Gives Confidence and Flatters Your Shape

If you have ever worn a one piece bathing suit, you know the difficulty and inconvenience of trying to go to the rest room wearing one. Thanks to Anne Cole we now have options that make wearing bathing suits convenient. She designed the tankini beachwear that has become popular all over the world. It is a two-piece suit for ladies, women, juniors and children that gives the coverage of a one-piece, the convenience of a two-piece and still offers support and slimming properties that a one-piece offers.

Tankinis for women are made in such a way that they give plus size women support in the bust area with slimming qualities in the tummy and hip areas. This form of support was once only found in one-piece bathing suits. One-piece beachwear for women is constrictive in the sense that if you are a large breasted woman, the straps would cut into your shoulders. And then there is the fact that they always seemed to be too short in the stride. With the tankini you no longer have these problems and women are much more comfortable in their beachwear.

Since the tankini was first designed, many designers have gotten in on the design game and placed their names on the labels. Delta Burke has created a line of women’s plus size tankinis with her very own flare of color to them. Liz Claiborne has even added her own twist to a line of them as well. A line that was inspired by the tropical beaches of Hawaii is the Leilani line. Christina is another line of tankinis for ladies that was inspired by many exotic locations around the world.

Each of these designers, along with Anne Cole know the problems that most women have when wearing a one-piece suit and the reluctance of wearing a two-piece. They use that knowledge to create swimwear that ladies around the world are thrilled to wear. Many of their styles are not only supportive but flattering and enhancing bathing suits that play down the flaws of their bodies and enhance the attributes. Women no long have to be ashamed or insecure about wearing beachwear.

Although most people consider tankinis a swimsuit for ladies, juniors can also benefit from their designs and support. Today’s young girls are much more endowed than ever before. For this reason, they need a supportive top in a bathing suit that will allow them to participate in beach sports without the fear of accidental exposure. In addition to this, some girls who are too large for a girl’s size and too small for a ladies size needs a junior’s size swimsuit. The same slimming and flattering properties that women’s swimsuits have are added to the junior’s sizes.

Many designers like Liz Claiborne, Leilani and Christina take into consideration the benefits that some juniors need in Beachwear Swimwear and create swimwear that will give them confidence when they don them. Girls and young ladies no longer have to worry about in insecurities that other swimsuits give them. They have the convenience, security, support and confidence they need built right into their tankini bathing suits.


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