Light Commercial Boilers

Industry and the public sector has the same problems with central heating that applies to the general public except that whilst in the home the householder has the opportunity to save money by turning the system down or off and putting on extra clothing layers to save on the ever increasing fuel costs, this is not something that applies to industry and the public services.

The environmental conditions of the employee have been closely legislated for over the years and whilst it may not be rigorously enforced there is no way that any company is going to receive full agreement to build without adequate provision. Also the benefits of keeping both staff and materials at the proper temperature far out weighs any other consideration. This has put an increasing demand on the boiler manufacturers to provide lichtreklame units that are increasingly efficient in their fuel usage for the heat generated.

The light commercial boilers designed similar to those of Alpha Innovation for this market have had to be very aware of the changing needs caused by global warming and the energy price increases. These latest boilers not only have reduced efficiency but also keep Carbon emissions to the barest minimum.

There is also the problem that the units may be used in remote areas and have to deal with the need for other fuels such as Propane gas. The units tend to come in 2 sizes the first of 56 KW or in old units 192,000 BTU maximum and 12 KW or 39,000 BTU minimum and a larger unit of 77KW or in old units 265,000 BTU maximum and 21 KW or 70,000 BTU minimum. The heating can be supplied by a single commercial boiler unit or ganged together to give a much larger unit. All boilers should conform to the SEDBUK Band A rated condensing, fan assisted system boilers providing heating only for sealed central heating systems.

One of the biggest problems for this sort of system used to be the flue system for removing the waste gases as these had to deal with very low temperature waste gases which do not move easily on there own. The latest designs of flues and assisted fan control have changed this and they are now able to placed where the company or service industry require them to be and this gives the siting of the boilers a much easier problem.

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