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Home landscaping design can add great amount of value to your garden. However in order to make your efforts successful it is necessary to first plan your entire effort into a scheduled plan so that you get most out of your efforts.

Most people start out with excitement for a great home landscape idea but without much knowledge of executing them in the backyard or front yard their efforts may go into vain.

That’s why here is a simple 3-step plan that works for every type of home garden very easily and with least efforts.

Step 1) Write down what you intend to have in the finished the-beautiful-home garden on a piece of paper. This step is absolutely important and many guys mess it up or completely eliminate from the process.

Once you know what you want in the home garden it becomes a simple task of getting it together in the assigned budget. Gardening is a simple process of planning and executing within the limitations of budget and the physical boundaries of the backyard.

Step 2) Create simple sketches using pencil and paper or a landscaping design software (if you can). Try various alternatives of the design. Garden planning works best when you let your imagination go wild.

Use the list of items you created in the first step to place them in your backyard or front yard. You can go in for a grid floor plan or a random or informal layout with circular pathways to move around in the garden. There are absolutely infinite options available here. Get out in the backyard and start to visualize the finishes and completely planned garden already in place.

Step 3) With the finished garden sketches you can start to actually mark boundaries of various spaces on the site and have a landscaping contractor do the execution work for you.

Here is a great home landscaping design tip that will add extra beauty to your garden with little to no extra cost to spend. When you locate various spaces in your home garden see to it that they are visible from the interior rooms.

For example if you have planned a children play area such as a sand pit, you can locate it at a place, which is visible when you are sitting in the living room, so that you can keep an eye on kids and their activities.

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