Drive Data Recovery Services

There are normally two kinds of damages that any drive can experience.

Physical damage is one of these kinds and is quite rare. Physical damage is more common when it comes to portable storage media such as CDs, DVDs, and other such media.

When talking about physical damage to the hard drive, it’s normally understood that such damage is taken to mean mechanical failures. Examples of mechanical failures are head crashes, failed motors, etc.

Physical damage not only causes data loss, but also damages the logical structures of the file systems that the operating system uses. This results in logical damage, which must be corrected before attempting the recovery of any files.

Most users do not have the necessary hardware or the technical expertise to repair physical damage, which brings hard drive data recovery service companies into the picture. Opening hard disks in a normal environment can cause dust to settle on the surface, which can result in further damage to the drive and as a result, complicate the recovery process.

Logical damage is the other type of damage a drive can experience. This type of damage is a lot more common when compared to physical damage. Logical damage is normally caused by power outages but can also be caused by hardware problems and system crashes.

When such occurrences take place, the file system is left in an inconsistent state and hence begins to behave abnormally.

Data recovery services for drives generally follow a standard process. The drive is examined to determine the nature and quantity of data loss. Once that has been determined, a data recovery tool or software is used to try and recover as much software as possible. The type of software used depends on the nature of the problem.

Most data recovery software produce quite good results. The success rate is often quite high. However, in certain cases, there is just no way for the data to be recovered and the loss is permanent.

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