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College students count on college leaders to do the things that will give them the best opportunities for college and career success. Therefore, they look to college leaders to help them accomplish three things:

– Obtain a good education
– Find ways to reduce their college expenses
– Land a good job when they graduate

1 – Obtain A Good Education – Nearly every college strives for academic excellence. Each college designs courses and hires faculty that can teach and transfer the information and experiences that students can use throughout their lives. However, we all know that the quality of education varies from one college to another. Some are better than others.

Employers tend to recruit given majors based on the reputation of the school, its Professors and the performance of the students who have been hired in the past. Knowledgeable students who perform at a high level represent their college in a way that will help future graduates in that major. Of course, the reverse is also true. The most highly respected employers will recruit only at the best colleges. Are employers visiting your college to recruit students with your major?

College leaders really ought to want to do make certain that students receive the best education possible.

2 – Find Ways To Reduce Their College Expenses – Fewer and fewer students and their families can afford the rapidly escalating costs of a Aegean College education. That means that more students are in need of scholarships, awards, grants, work-study opportunities, part-time jobs and tuition reduction programs. Of course, most students also rely on college loans and credit cards. Unfortunately, many students are now leaving college owing more than $25,000, some much more.

Since a good education does not always translate into a good paying job, too many students are being saddled with a long term debt that will be a drag on their standard of living, their hopes and their dreams for many years to come. The thought of making monthly payments of $200, $300 or even more for the next 15 to 25 years is depressing, especially if they are earning far less than they had expected.

College leaders really ought to want to offer students every possible way to reduce their college costs.

3 – Land A Good Job When They Graduate – College students do not attend college strictly for the love of learning. Neither do they hope to live in poverty when they graduate. Most attend with the goal of obtaining a job that has career potential. They need that job to become independent, pay off their loans, raise a family, enjoy life and surround themselves with the things that come with financial success. Therefore, when students do not start off with good paying jobs, they start off behind the eight ball.

Unfortunately, many students do not select their college majors with a full understanding of the typical jobs and starting salaries that are likely to result and have little idea of what their potential employers need and expect. Students must understand that job search preparation is a major part of job hunting success. Without the needed knowledge, experience and practice, unprepared students will lose out to better prepared students.

College leaders really ought to want to help their students do the things that attract the best employers.

The best college leaders help their students accomplish their goals. They listen to their former students, current students, the parents of their students and the employers that hire their students. Only with that feedback can college leaders make changes to address the needs of their students.

College leaders really ought to want to help their students reach their full potential in the world around us. The best leaders take pride in doing exactly that.

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