September 28, 2022

Cello, Cornet, Apple, or Ruler – What’s Your Body Type?

Is shopping for clothes frustrating? Don’t like shopping? Nothing fits well? The mirror is not your friend? If you suffer from MP (Mall Phobia) or CSFS (Clothes Shopping Frustration Syndrome) read on to find the remedy to the “shopping blues”.

Know thyself for a frustration-free shopping excursion. Know what your Body Type is. Yes, you too guys. No, don’t stop reading now, this information is too valuable.

What’s your Body Type IQ? There’s been talk of spoons, rulers, cones, pears, apples other fruit and miscellaneous objects. I will keep it simple and to the point: I have found that these 6 most accurately represent the shapes of most body silhouettes of both men and women (with exception of the hourglass). Which one is yours?


  • Rectangle: Shoulders as wide as hips/thighs. Waist almost as wide as shoulders/hips/thighs
  • Triangle: Shoulders and waist are narrower than hips/thighs
  • Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are wider than waist and hips/thighs
  • Figure Eight: Shoulders are curved and relatively as wide as hips/thighs. Waist is distinctly narrower than shoulders and hips/thighs
  • Oval: Shoulders are narrower or as wide as your hips/thighs. Your waist appears wider than your shoulder width and/or hips.
  • Hourglass (natural only to women): Shoulders are even with and relatively as wide as your hips/thighs. Waist is distinctly narrower than shoulders

It is important to highlight that no Body Type is better than another and they are not related necessarily to weight, but to the body structure and built. The key is to find the right way to professional cello dress each shape for its greatest appeal and to maximize your assets.

Look, assess and learn. Stand in front of the mirror and assess which Body Type applies to you and stay tuned and learn the tricks and tips, what cuts and styles are flattering to each. It’s all a process, once you get this down, you’re on your way.

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